About This Blog

Hey there!

Yeah, you!

It looks like you’ve found the About page of my blog.  Now, you’re probably wondering what this blog can do for you. Well, this blog is a place to express yourself.  It’s also about what  I can do for you! In due time you will see tips, reviews, DIY’s and much more.

At this point you’re most likely wondering who this person who is writing all this is! Let me start by telling you a few things about myself.

  1. I love grilled cheese sandwiches. Probably more than I should…..
  2. I enjoy helping other people
  3. My love for bacon will never allow me to become a vegetarian
  4. If you’re still reading I might as well tell you that I talk WAY too much!


-Caitlyn Banks

(At this time I do not wish to reveal my real name. Until I do, I will be writing under the pen name Caitlyn Banks)


P.S- I will be updating this page soon…..STAY TUNED


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