Thursday Thriller #1: Humans can Lick, too!

26 Sep

Welcome everybody to the very first THURSDAY THRILLER! Every (other) Thursday I will post a short and scary story. Most times these short stories will be my version of mostly well known urban legends/stories. So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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“Finally.” Ally exclaimed, “My first house.”

Ally was so happy that she finally managed to find a small place  in the new town she moved to, Springbrooke. The best things about this house is that it  is close to her new job and it has enough space for her dog Tangerine!

“Come on bud! Let’s go unpack.” Ally said to Tangerine.

Later that night Ally was was watching her favourite show, Scary Saturdays. It was around 2 in the morning, when her favourite show got interrupted by a the local news, saying that an escapee from the Springbrook mental facility escaped earlier that day. Extremely tired she decided to go to sleep. When she got to the bedroom she saw Tangerine asleep below the bed.

“Good night Tangie!” She whispered.

After a few minutes, she fell asleep.

Ally and Tangerine - drawn by me :)

Ally and Tangerine – drawn by me 🙂

A few hours later, Ally woke up and heard rattling coming from outside. She remembered the news story from earlier and started to panic. She ran to the window and looked outside. But it wasn’t a person who was making that noise. It was just a couple of raccoons going trough the garbage can in the yard. Ally decided that the racoons would go away sooner or later. As she was getting back into bed, Tangerine licked her ankle. She fell asleep again, but only ten minutes later the noise was getting louder! Ally put her shoes on and went outside. As soon as the raccoons saw her they scurried away. Ally was about to go back inside but the smell of blood hit her. She went to the garbage can and inside she saw Tangerine, dismembered. On the inside of the garbage can lid she saw the words HUMANS CAN LICK TOO, scribbled in blood!

Hope you enjoyed the story! Stay tuned!



2 Responses to “Thursday Thriller #1: Humans can Lick, too!”

  1. Anonymous November 4, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    scarrrrryyyyy!! 😀 Funny stories, keep writing in the future;) You have great potential;)

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