What’s the story Morning Glory? (Haul)

18 Sep

I have just received my order from MORNING GLORY! I am not sure if this is what people call a “HAUL”. I guess it is a haul (I dislike the way the word “HAUL” sounds – is that just me?). So I decided to show you guys what I ordered. This store specializes in stationary, but they also have many others things as well. Some other things that I thought are cute are their phone cases. Too bad that I, alongside other Samsung users, will not be able to use those phone cases as the cases are meant for the iPhone.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Morning Glory, check out this website:


At first glance, the website might look a little childish….but believe me! They have some really neat things!


An overview of everything.


Three super cute pencil cases.

20130917_15491620130917_15493920130917_154950   Little pig sharpeners! (WARNING: Not to sharpen pigs! 😉 )

20130917_15511920130917_15514220130917_155151  Two of the pictures may look like they are upside down. But are they                                                                                                                really?


Whiteout (or liquid paper- whichever floats your boat). I got another one in pink as well.


Some adorable erasers!!! I should probably mention that I have a strange obsession with erasers!!!!!!!!!

Other than these items I also bought a clipboard, some folders and a few notebooks (which where all in another picture which I apparently deleted before I could upload it in this post. :* However, they can be seen in the overview picture.

So I guess that’s all for now. Make sure you stay tuned for my next blog post.



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